Romantic, luxury, coloring, and passionate culture of Spain, its breath-taking beauty, these impressions gave us the idea and inspiration for creating a new collection Armonia 2023 Marbella. Therefore, all these emotions just should be embodied in beauty.

All colors of unique Spain landscapes and architecture were recreated in our new dresses. You will not find here mediocrity, modesty, and simplicity. We created a real extravaganza of creativity and celebration. Each dress is a work of art, like a unique masterpiece that will unfold to the fullest extent when it touches the bride’s body.

In this collection, we use even more hand embroidery, more amazing and extraordinary combinations of fabrics and silhouettes…. no more place for typical ideas. The 2023 collection is riddled with the spirit of freedom, indomitable energy, and individuality. That’s exactly what Spain means for us.

Soak up its unique atmosphere, with our new Marbella collection.

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